About Us

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This effort has come about as a result of combining the skills of KIDS Graphics, a sports broadcast stats/graphics specialist, with threeNrugby, specialising in analysis of Rugby.

Our aim is to provide fast, high quality, and accurate information to Rugby fans, players, teams, coaches, and anyone else who shared our passion for this sport.

Our first mission is to delivery two services to our members.

  • threeNrugby Notes
    This is a weekly information and analysis sheet available for selected Rugby competitions detailing the upcoming competition round and results of the previous round. It not only delivers high quality numbers, but includes expert analysis, commentary, and even the occasional highly biased opinion!
  • liveTracker/Historical
    This is a live match tracker, covering the same competition matches as the Notes above. This provides a live updating view of the matches, complete with statistics, available through the internet to pc, tablet, and smartphone users enabling them to be continuously informed about the game they love. The final result and stats of these games are then archived and made available to members.

How to get access

We are in the process of determining levels of access for users. Please feel free to sign up to this site now as it will allow us to keep you informed of developments.

Currently newly signed up users are given 5 free historical game accesses, and the intention is to refresh that number weekly.

We are working on giving subscribers to the Notes service on threeNrugby access to both live and historical data.


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