Neazors Notes
Jan. 26, 2017

South Africa 2 Super Rugby 2016

The other South African conference was by far the better one, but if you took the Lions out there stillwasn’t a whole lot here... Read the article for more.

The Lions surprised many with their eventual final berth, but if you watched them over the season you realised they understood what was going on and how to best maximise their advantages. They possessed good attacking players, a strong defence and, best of all, knew what they were trying to achieve.

Some distance behind them the Sharks had a disjointed season and never threatened top spot; they were weak on attack and struggled to score points while the defence could only keep them in games rather than winning them.

The Argentinean newcomers, the Jaguares, disappointed as a near-test strength squad posted a 4-11 record; their biggest problem is always going to be the amount of travel required.

The Kings were weak and, frankly, didn’t belong. A political entry rather than a rugby one, they attracted no serious players and only a handful more fans.

Even the South Africans realise they’re not up to this level but need someone to propose a way of dropping them out without losing face or, worse, antagonising the political anti-rugby faction.