Neazors Notes
Feb. 6, 2017

2016 Quarter Finals

Just in case you’ve forgotten how the playoffs panned out a year ago, we have made a short series of notes on how we saw things!

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It’s likely that the clearest memory is of New Zealand sides possibly being able to fill all four semi-final slots should things pan out in a certain way, but three would have to win on the road – this is what happened. I’ve not changed anything from what I wrote at the time, since it captured my impressions as I was watching.

As things turned out the right team won each of the quarter-finals – as in, the team that had secured most log points in the season. Because of the strange way home field is allocated, we don’t see the dominance by home teams in the initial playoff round any more but almost invariably the team that has had the better season wins the game. I reckon this is just another cause for a rethink on how playoff positions are determined, Mr Marinos.


So we had the best four teams left, and a couple of them are clocking up a ridiculous number of air miles at the moment with the prospect of more if they keep winning.

I rather think the Super rugby record of never having produced a winner who has crossed the Indian Ocean in the playoffs will be intact after all the toing and froing this year has been completed will remain intact, but at least we have the prospect of three good games in front of us.

We will be publishing notes on the four quarter finals soon!