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Jan. 22, 2017

Australia Super Rugby 2016

The Australian conference was disappointing but suffered from being deliberately targeted by the New Zealanders.... Read the article for more.

Jan. 20, 2017

New Zealand Super Rugby 2016..

The New Zealand conference, in direct contrast to the others, was highly competitive and full of teams who were up to the standard one should expect; all five sides posted a winning record for the year and four (the maximum possible) made the playoffs..... Read the article for more.

Jan. 20, 2017

Super Rugby Preview

With the 2017 season rushing down upon us, I thought I’d start the previews by recapping what happened last year. All that most New Zealanders (that being where I spend most of my time) would remember is that the local sides were all good and the rest were rubbish, which is certainly true as far as the form of the five Kiwi sides went. I’m not going to argue that all the offshore teams were good – that would be insulting your intelligence – but a couple weren’t bad. I’ll work through the competition conference by conference to start with.

Please join me for my view of New Zealand, Australia, and the two South African groups.